Latest News

Latest News
1 Apr 2020
Launching of NEW Quality HealthCare Mobile App
Thank you for your great support to the Quality HealthCare Mobile App. We are proud to introduce our brand new mobile app with even better user experience! The previous version is no longer supported starting from 1st April 2020. To use our new e-ticketing function of general practice and other services, click the link below to download our new app now!

Download the NEW Quality HealthCare Mobile App Now:
28 Apr 2020
Quality HealthCare Now Provides Doctor Video Consultation Service for Government’s COVID-19 PCR Test

To combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to identify more infected patients as early as possible, all Quality HealthCare Western Medicine Clinics have enrolled in government's "Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme." In the view of offering fast and convenient service, we provide doctor video consultation service to patients with fever, respiratory symptoms or mild chest infection to collect their deep throat saliva at home for the government's COVID-19 PCR test so to minimise the risk of community transmission.


Service workflow:

  1. Customers call the hotline 8203-8204 for appointment.
  2. The appointment confirmation of the video consultation service will be sent to customer's email address after the completion of the purchase.
  3. Doctor conducts the preliminary screening of COVID-19 through the online platform, and arranges the patients with the symptoms of fever, respiratory symptoms or mild chest infection to receive Government's PCR test.
  4. The sample container will be sent to patients by courier.
  5. Patient can follow the guideline to collect a deep throat saliva at home.
  6. Patient can return the specimen by themselves to the designated chest clinics or dermatological clinics under the Department of Health OR directly contact GOGOVAN / Pickupp for a door-to-door specimen collection service with service fee of $100.
  7. The test result will be notified via SMS within 3 days.
8 Apr 2020
Quality HealthCare Now Provides Novel Coronavirus Screening Package

COVID-19 is a pandemic sweeping across the world, many people are concerned about the health and safety of themselves, as well as their families. To ease everyone's mind and to provide professional opinions amid the COVID-19 challenges, we now provide Novel Coronavirus Screening Package.


The screening package is carried out under the supervision by doctor through consultation to understand the patient's physical health and travel history.  Performing Novel Coronavirus Antibodies Rapid Test* and low dose CT scan are based on the risk of COVID-19 infection by doctor's assessment. Click here for more screening details.


For more COVID-19 related information, click here to check out our dedicated webpage.  


*It is recommended by Center of Health Protection, the antibodies rapid test should be taken with the supervision by the healthcare professional. Incorrect use can result in health risk and misdiagnosis.

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