General Practice

General Practice


Family medicine and general practitioners help safeguard the health of the general public. We h?ave over 70 general practitioners and over 1200 affiliated doctors providing primary care services to the community. You can visit any of our 50 medical centres located throughout Ho???ng Kong to enjoy convenient and prompt medical services.?


70+ General Pr??actitioners

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1200+ Affiliated Doctors


50+ Medical Centres?



Integrated Centres

As a leading private healthcare service provider, we offer patient-centric services. We have 15 Integrated Centres located in major commercial and residential districts, as well as shopping areas offering primary care services; specialty care services; physical check-up services; traditional Chinese medicine; dental and physiotherapy services. Our Integrated Centres provide patients with a one-stop service. Some of the Intergrated Centres include:


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Admiralty


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Kowloon Bay


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Mongkok


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Prince's Building


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Shatin


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - Tsing Yi


Quality HealthCare Medical Centre - HK Pacific Centre

Drs Anderson & Partners

Drs Anderson & Partners follows a client-centric model to deliver comprehensive, effective and personalised healthcare services in a relaxed environment. The Day Endoscopy Centre, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities comparable with private hospitals, is managed by our specialists in General Surgery who help patients with early detection and cure of medical problems.

Our centre is equipped with advanced medical equipment for quick screeniing, including exercise electrocardiogram with VO2MAX equipment, tonometer, mammogram and X-ray. Please click here for more information.








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