Clinical Governance


Quality HealthCare’s purpose is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives and strong clinical governance is critical in achieving these goals.

The Clinical Governance and Quality Strategy sets out the approach we are taking to improve quality and safety. It provides an essential roadmap on how to meet the goal of providing every customer with the highest standard of accessible care.

Building on the well-established framework of clinical governance, we want to move towards a culture of continuous quality improvement. We want to move beyond a model of accepting compliance standards as the norm and, focusing on outcomes, to a culture of innovation and excellence driven by high expectations of achieving the very best.

Clinical governance in Quality HealthCare is defined as:

A framework through which Quality HealthCare is accountable for continually improving the quality of services and safeguarding high patient care standards

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We have developed a clinical governance framework to support the aspiration for excellence and good governance of clinical care. This framework provides a consistent identification, reporting and monitoring approach. The framework consists of the following six pillars:??

Pillars:Customer Focus
Part of Our Practices:
Conduct Patient Satisfaction Survey to improve healthcare services continuously?
Pillars:Clinical Safety
Part of Our Practices:
Conduct Basic Life Support training and Resuscitation Drill to ensure clinical safety at all times
Pillars:Clinical Effectiveness
Part of Our Practices:
Regularly carry out Clinical Audit and review Clinical Indicators to enhance clinical effectiveness  
Pillars:Professional Development
Part of Our Practices:
Organise Town Hall Meeting for Medical Professionals /  Tele-CME for continued professional training
Pillars:Clinical Information
Part of Our Practices:
Sophisticated IT Security System and Electronic Patient Record to safeguard patient privacy
Pillars:Regulatory Compliance
Part of Our Practices:
Set up Clinical Standard Operating Procedures to ensure standardisation and compliance

Maintaining Quality & Standards:?


Goals and Objectives
Committee:Clinical Governance Committee
Goals and Objectives:The CG Committee is a medical strategic decision-making and clinical quality management committee in QHMS, and has the ultimate authority to decide on all clinical areas
Committee:Medical Standard Compliance Committee
Goals and Objectives:To uphold the high professional standards and medical ethics of the Medical Practices of QHMS ?
Committee:Drug and Technology Committee
Goals and Objectives:To promote safe and effective prescribing and dispensing by practitioners at QHMS
Committee:Specialist Practice Committee
Goals and Objectives:To support and drive the Clinical Governance agenda across all areas of specialist practice
Committee:Dental Standards and Compliance Committee
Goals and Objectives:To deliver an international standard of dental care that is ethical, affordable and responsive to the needs of the community
Committee:Chinese Medicine Standards and Compliance Committee
Goals and Objectives:To drive and support Clinical Governance in CM so that the principles and standards are balanced with commercial effectiveness for our clients
Committee:Complaint Review Committee
Goals and Objectives:To review and investigate all complaints received and decide on remedial actions
Committee:Clinical Incident Management Committee
Goals and Objectives:To promote an environment where incidents are reported and acknowledged without fear or blame or retribution, assist in the investigation of incidents and formulation of improvement strategy?
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