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Due to Regulatory restrictions in Hong Kong, any patient feedback, identifying or referring to specific healthcare professionals, shall be deleted. However, we shall inform the healthcare professionals concerned of your feedback and appreciation.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

  • To : 卓健牙科中心(沙田)


  • To : 卓健物理治療中心(九龍灣)

    治療師態度認真友善,樂意解答客人的問題,亦能提供專業意見作參考。在治療過程中, 表現細心及專業。

  • To : Quality HealthCare Medical Centre (Admiralty)

    Dr. Au is willing to listen to the patients and able to provide the medical solution to the patient. She is an excellent and professional doctor. The nurse who worked for helping to book lab test is very helpful. The nurse who worked for contacting patient on report result is also very kind.

  • To : Quality HealthCare Medical Centre (Tseung Kwan O - Metro)

    Nurse Ms. Cheng was caring and patient. Well blood taking technique, professional and efficient. In general, all center staffs were hard-working and helpful. Thank you so much.

  • To : Alpha Medical Diagnostic Centre (Jordan – 8 Jordan Road)

    Very caring staff and positive attitude. After blood test, I was very hungry but it was my turn to do mammogram, the lady was so kind to told me that I can eat my sandwich first. She told me not to be panic and even offered water to drink. I was nervous and hungry but your staff at mammogram made me feel so calm. Reception staff were very nice too.

  • To : 卓健物理治療中心(九龍灣)


  • To : 卓健中醫醫療中心(上環)


  • To : 卓健醫療中心(青衣城)


  • To : 卓健牙科中心(青衣城)


  • To : 卓健物理治療中心(九龍灣)


  • To : 卓健醫療中心(馬鞍山)

    我不住在該區, 我家樓下亦有公司醫生但我都不看, 因為我對這診所有信心, 診斷後藥到病除, 配至藥物絕不馬虎,謝謝!

  • To : 卓健醫療中心(銅鑼灣)


  • To : 卓健中醫醫療中心(金鐘)


  • To : 卓健醫療中心


  • To : Quality HealthCare Medical Centre

    I want to express my hearty appreciation for Mr. Yuen’s professionalism in treating me, both in terms of medical expertise, as well as the care and concern he has displayed during the course. He impressed me the most when I visited his office for the first time. There was a patient who did not walk well and had to go to the toilet. Mr. Yuen helped the patient walk to the toilet. He deserves the praise from any patient as he instills a sense of security and trust...

  • To : 卓健醫療中心 (青衣港鐵站)

    貴醫療服務機構一直積極肩負起關顧員工及關懷社區的責任,本人實在非常欣賞 貴醫療團體的服務精神。

  • To : Diagnostic and Imaging Centre

    I am very much impressed by the excellent customer service rendered by Dr. Chan and the staff in the Centre, never have I see such caring and patient medical team before in Hong Kong….They are indeed the role models for those in the same field and deserve to be commended for such an excellent and professional attitude and behavior…

  • To : Mongkok Physiotherapy Centre

    I would like to thank you for the excellent care I received from Mr. Stanley Lau…On the 1st session, he assessed my condition and the level of pain I was suffering; his examination was in detail and applied proper treatment. Throughout the following sessions, he was friendly, professional and attentive. He was patience enough in answering my questions and explained the X-rays report in detail.
    Furthermore, the service attitude of Ms. Mickey Kung is also remarkable. She has good telephone manner and tried her best to entertain my request. She is very different from other frontline staff with a ‘No’ attitude”…

  • To : 卓健護理介紹所


  • To : 卓健護理介紹所


  • To : 德福花園醫療中心


  • To : HK Pacific Centre

    You have been extremely helpful and supportive through my difficult times (When my parents were sick). You may not realize what a blessing you have been…

  • To : Tung Chung Centre

    Tung Chung’s staffs were efficient and helpful when helping me to draw blood…

  • To : Tsing Yi MTR Centre

    I was very impressed with the service and staff’s efficiency. Nurses are caring…

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